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This real estate agency started its operation in 2004 as REALESTATE mariza.gr and today with a renewed name and new partners continues the successful course in the field of real estate investments as ofex.gr
The office is managed by Mrs. Mariza Tolo and Associate Michael Dhoco. To date, she has developed a wide range of Real Estate Investment Consultants to Trade in Commercial Real Estate in order to provide the best possible information, with respect to the client's needs. Our office consists of a team of specialized collaborators with years of experience in the field, willing to offer consulting services with absolute confidentiality and professionalism. By ethos, consistency and professionalism we always try to do our best for our customers. We are here to help you and to support you in fulfilling your dream. Our portfolio is ofex.gr it offers property for sale & rent. Are you looking for something? Find it at ofex.gr
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Mpoumpoulinas 3, Nafplio 211 00, Greece
+30 27520-28712 Kin +30 6979013828
+30 6951601399
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